Ornamental Plaster Sculpting, Mural Painting, Faux Finishing, and Imaginative Interior Design.

Ornamental Plaster Sculpting, Mural Painting, Faux Finishing, and Imaginative Interior Design.
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Monday, September 19, 2011

From out of the dust...

If I could shoot video, I would have loved to make a movie of yesterday's function, shot in sepia, like an old silent film...
I do not get credit for the sculpted and (properly) gilded lettering for this sign.  Though not what he does professionally, it was created for Cindy by her friend George, whose regular work can be seen at carvingart.com. 
In my movie, Cindy Faus Heimerl, wedding officiant, and intrepid owner of Marion's Place and it's barn, Rubies & Rust, would be the gorgeous heroine...

...and I would be the villainous bridesmaid-from-hell, with Jim Albani as the bumbling priest:
Don't be fooled !  The villain is always the one with the saw, though in this case, I think the priest looks a little sinister!

 Of course, if I could shoot the movie, then I would have to write something with an appropriately melodramatic plot, and the only thing dramatic yesterday, was the barn itself.

The main level is a bright space, set up as the back-up spot for outdoor weddings at the farm.  With it's lovely faux stone walls (much admired by last night's guests, as I stood wielding my circular saw), park bench seating, and charming table settings, it's the perfect place to say your vows and begin your reception.

Coincidentally, the two on the left, Carol and John,  happen to be clients of mine, as well as friends and business associates of Cindy.  The gentleman on the right, who I'm pretty sure is named Jon (oddly enough, nearly all of the men last night were named either John or Jim, so forgive me if I'm second guessing my memory of names) is another brave male who has hung out with the Third Thursday Artgroup, and survived to tell the tale!

Guests who have never seen Cindy's barn are always fun to watch the first time.  I tried to catch Joe's open mouthed awe as he arrived at the top of the stairs, but had to settle for the delighted grin that followed.  This is why I don't get the big bucks as a photog.  Apparently no one ever buys the frame after the money shot.  Sigh.

And of course, if I could shoot video, I would also have the skill to shoot the length of the barn and have it show up like it looks in real life.  Still, though I couldn't capture the romantic sepia lighting that shows off the ribbed arch of the ceiling, the photo above gives you an idea of the scale.  Now, check out the rest of the setting...

Across from the top of the stairs is a cozy double parlor grouping, backdropped by a massive old mantle that frames a few antique stained glass panels.  Even without a true fireplace, it draws you in for a cozy glass of wine and good conversation.

Down both sides, nearly the full length of the barn, there are dining and cocktail tables, every setting different from the next, but each as charming as this one...
At the far end of the upper floor is a small stage.  Last night, the notorious Ruby La Fey (Cindy's story teller alter ego) told the story of the beginning of the barn's transformation, which included a large number of creepy crawly critters, and a sneak attack by...the well pump???  Jim Albani, of Minnesota Officiants (minnesotaofficiants.com), hammed it up a bit for the evening as Father Jimmy-John, and took a turn on stage to tell some funny and touching wedding stories, like his warning to brides: Many leafy trees in Minnesota contain nuts that begin dropping in late summer, so consider what's overhead before opening your mouth to speak.
My role for the evening, aside from co-decorator, last-minute carpenter (you owe me one, Bucko), and chili cook, was Bridesmaid From Hell.  I wore my favorite hikers with my lovely lavender gown, in honor of my first experience as a bridesmaid, in which the bride literally had nightmares of me arriving late and running down the aisle in my long peach gown and my hiking boots.  Yeah, imagine worrying about that.  (I was not late to that wedding, but if you are new to this blog, and/or don't know me personally, suffice it to say that I live in a slightly altered timezone, and though I love the art of fashion, especially vintage and theatrical fashion, I generally go about in what would best be called "paint rags".)

I shared this story during my turn on stage, beginning a short ramble, loosely based on the decorating compromises of couples I work for, my own experiences in the realm of decorative compromise with a significant other (or two), and why, in conclusion, my chances of ever needing the services of  Minnesota Wedding Officiants are pretty slim.  Apparently, "I have a Skilsaw, and I know how to use it" is not an approved pick-up line in the Girl's Guide to Dating handbook.  Huh.

Dawn-Marie deLara (theartofthehome.com), Jim Albani (minnesotaofficiants.com), and Cindy Faus Heimerl (atmarionsplace.com and minnesotaofficiants.com).
Thus, the movie ends:  The barn's beautiful owner has triumphantly launched the next phase of its existence, and done it in her usual charming style, the villainous bridesmaid is done in by her own Skilsaw, Father Jimmy-John has good reason for the twinkle in his eye, especially from where he's standing ;), and the supporting cast of friends, helpers, clients, and cohorts has come together to celebrate it all, on a beautiful autumn evening, on a hill above the little midwestern town of Belle Plaine, Minnesota.

The End.

Or, more likely, To Be Continued...

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