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Ornamental Plaster Sculpting, Mural Painting, Faux Finishing, and Imaginative Interior Design.
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Monday, November 28, 2011

Shop local, eco smart, and oh-so-unique!

This post is especially for my Minnesota followers, but there are shops like this all over the country having similar sales this weekend and next.  If you aren't a near neighbor, Google "occasional sales" plus your area description and see what you find.  Please, please, please, wherever you live, resist the mega malls and Big-Marts, and see what the locals have dreamed up to make your holiday sparkle with real warmth. 

The once-a-month shops in Carver and Chaska are opening for their December sale a bit earlier than their usual third-Thursday weekend.  You can shop them this Thursday, December 1st, from 10-5, Friday, December 2nd from 10-4, and Saturday, December 3rd from 10-4.   They all sell vintage and antique things, and you'll find a bit of everything at all of them, but each one has it's own special flavor.  I popped into their November sale to chase down vintage goodies for a client, and snapped a few photos to tempt you to venture out and visit them.

Ms. Mac's too, 204 Broadway, Carver, MN 
Jessica features a lot of classic country primitives and farmhouse style vintage goodies.

The Vintage Cottage, 208 Broadway, Carver, MN
This charming husband & wife duo stock a delightful mix I think of as vintage elegance, with some nice gentlemanly bits to temper the fancy.  I always find their prices surprisingly friendly, too.

The Nature of It, 300 Broadway, Carver, MN
Cindi specializes in garden related vintage and antique items.

Seasons in Carver, 300 Broadway, Carver, MN
Sarah must have had a heck of a weekend, because I took photos late on Saturday, and her shop was nearly empty.  Not to worry, though!  She's had a couple of weeks to restock her amusing array of quirky finds.  Season's is known for the kind of stuff you're more likely to find in Grandpa's barn than Grandma's kitchen.

Mustard Moon, 300 Broadway, Carver, MN
Jane sells a lot of classic shabby chic white stuff, but you'll also find new displays every month, like this one, and a fun little room with 40's thru 60's childhood memories.

The first snow storm of the season cut my shopping expedition short that day.  Minnesotans seem to forget winter driving skills over the long humid summer, so it's never a good idea to be on the road for the first storm.  Unfortunately, this meant I missed visiting Good Junk Garage, 109 1/2 East 3rd, Carver, and just down the road a couple of miles, Linda's Cellar in Chaska at 112 East 2nd Street.

There was a time when you had to be sure the recipient liked vintage stuff, for fear they might think you were just wrapping up your old tat to give as gifts.  These days, vintage is so popular they can't manufacture the fake rust fast enough in third world countries, but why buy fakey knock-offs?  Treat yourself to a diferent kind of shopping experience and check out your local junk shops, antique stores and occasional sales.  You'll find plenty of great things for decorating and gifting, and creative ways to use and display unusual items.  Plus, not only will you get the real thing, you'll probably get it a whole lot cheaper than the copy at Big-Mart. 

disclaimer:  author of this blog will not be held liable for junkin' addiction.  Shop vintage at your own risk!

You find the treasures for your home, and I'll paint beautiful backdrops behind them.  Check out the website to view my portfolio: theartofthehome.com.

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