Ornamental Plaster Sculpting, Mural Painting, Faux Finishing, and Imaginative Interior Design.

Ornamental Plaster Sculpting, Mural Painting, Faux Finishing, and Imaginative Interior Design.
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

How Does a Witch Decorate for Halloween?

I tried to decorate for Halloween today.  I'm not much for the blood and guts horror angle some people go in for; not tempted to do zombies and skeletons.  I'm more of a witches and ghosts sort of a gal.  Perhaps that's blatantly obvious, already?  On a recent tour of the house, a visiting friend who isn't known for sugar coating opinions, pronounced my powder room "Witchy".  Hmmm...

Here's the etegere in my potting shed style powder room which was recently described as "witchy".

I thought perhaps I would add some Halloween to the mantle, but it's already orange and black, with candles and magical looking objects.

Orange walls, green curtains, dead twig curtain rods and shredded lace valances.  I guess I could add a few spiders for more Halloween effect.

Backed by an Ann Viveros painting, the arrangement on top of the piano seems a bit mystical already, as well.
So, what's a gal to do but embrace the verdict?  I didn't set out to create a witch's house, though enchanted or enchanting would have been on my list, if I had made one.  However, I must admit, I have a denim witch hat that hangs year round on the hook by the front door, and my formal one, burgundy with feathers and a bird, is always on display either in the dining room or the studio.  I made a series for an art sale several years ago, inspired by the question "Just what kind of witch are you?"   Not what the querent meant, but it did give me oodles of inspiration!  I'm not Wicca, certainly not malicious nor evil, but I am a little fey, and slightly wildish in nature, so I suppose my house reflects it.  I'm good with that.

Now, my neighbors around the corner, they decorate for Halloween.

Here's their pumpkins.  Love the pumpkin carving tools you can get these days.  Still takes time, skill and patience to get this intricate, but those little punkin saws work wonders!

My friend Sherry doesn't do so much on the outside anymore, but she still ditzes her whole house on the inside.  The line of spiders was inspired by a scene from Harry Potter.  We're re-watching the entire series, one per week, before we see the final two.  So I'm witchy?  I'm in good company!

I did make this piece today.  While searching the house for things to go on a spooky wreath, I came across the bird cage, into which I popped a giant glittered spider, then remembered I had a cage stand in the basement.  Last year's grapevine wreath fit perfectly over the brass ring, and a bit of orange ribbon spiffed it right up. 

"Please don't feed the spider!"
So, that pretty well covers the witchy category in Halloween decorating.  Not really scary, but I do get very young trick-or-treaters, and I want them to have a happy night of it.  As to the haunted aspect, I'm working on something on the balcony, but again, the house may already have that covered, too.  I'll tell you all about that on Halloween proper...

Whatever your personal decorating style, I'll be happy to help you make sure your home displays it proudly.  Check out my portfolio and all the info on how to hire me at theartofthehome.com.

Getting crafty for Halloween?  If you hit a snag, email me, and I'll try to help untangle it, if I can.  dawnmariedelara@gmail.com.

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