Ornamental Plaster Sculpting, Mural Painting, Faux Finishing, and Imaginative Interior Design.

Ornamental Plaster Sculpting, Mural Painting, Faux Finishing, and Imaginative Interior Design.
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Friday, October 28, 2011

bits in pieces

This week seems to refuse to go according to my plans.  Not that this is a terribly unusual circumstance in my life, but it's a little frustrating.  Now, of course, not all the distractions and delays were bad.  Like, I didn't plan to spend my day doing profit and loss statements, but I found a way to save myself a few thousand dollars, so even I, queen of paperwork procrastination put off today's plaster project for such practicalities.  (Nice use of P's in that sentence, dontcha think?)  That killed one blog post idea, not finishing the plaster in the bathroom, but I had actually planned to feature a friend's upcoming class, so I wasn't worried.  Until I found out the class has been canceled.  So, plan C:  I'm making it up as I write...Let's see what random bits I can dream up at 9:30 Friday night to share with you...

[hang on, I'm wandering around the house, trying to figure out what little things I did this week]
[okay, I'm back.  Now to resize all the photos...give me twenty minutes, or so...]

Alrighty then, even on weeks when I don't have a chance to do big creative things to my house, I still manage to tweak details...
I decided I needed more art supply storage space in the dining room, since it really does function mainly as studio extension, so I moved the piano from the dining room to the living room, the settee from the living room to the foyer, then swapped this desk from the foyer for the dresser in the bedroom, which works perfectly in the dining room.  Musical furniture.  The dresser wasn't practical for holding the clothes I wear most, so aside from a couple drawers of lacies, and one of socks, it was empty.  The drawers in this desk do the same job better, plus hold accessories and jewelry.  Needs a paint job, but that will have to wait a few months.

These suitcases were in the foyer, intended to look like guests were arriving, or that travel plans were imminent.  Somehow, once I moved things around, they gave me an edgy feeling, and I realized their placement actually made me feel unsettled in my home.  Up the stairs they went, and in the guestroom, they are perfectly charming, next to an antique Spanish vanity gifted to me by my friend Cindy.  By the way, don't let the daintiness of that piece fool you!  I hauled my five foot long dresser down the stairs myself, but it took two of us to carry this little marble topped gem up, and it nearly did us in!  If you covet marble topped pieces, may I recommend you check my website for samples of painted faux marble?  Your back (as well as your favorite painter) will thank you.

I actually did this the last time I moved furniture around.  This used to be a nightstand, but it didn't fit when I angled the bed in the corner.  I love having it in the closet, to hold clothes I'm rehanging, or stacks of clean laundry I'm putting away.

The top is decoupaged with a calendar page.  I matched the paint colors to extend the art further across the surface, then added a quote by the artist, Renoir.  "I let myself go and paint as the spirit moves me.  I am like a little cork thrown into the water and carried off by the current."  The tassel on the drawer pull is made from a champagne cork. 

While setting out Halloween decorations, I was inspired by my friend Marci, who has a menagerie of stuffed animals and figurines all over her house, and gives them all masks, hats, or other Halloween costume touches, and by my friends who dress their pets for the holiday.  This is Fernleigh.  Yes, the fern has a name.  Yes, I talk to it.  Sometimes I pet it.  No,  I haven't yet started collecting cats, thank you very much for your concern.

Now, this is turning out very cool.  I'm experimenting with covering walls with lace, decoupaged on with paint.  One of these days, when it's a bit further along, I'll reveal the details.

In my unending quest for better business organization, I painted the panels of the art room door with chalkboard paint, so I can keep track of the odd bits, bids, samples, and future projects that aren't yet calendared.  Now, if I would just remember to read it before setting the schedule for the week.

And finally, this afternoon, when I found out the class I intended to blog about was cancelled, I had a lovely chat with my friend Maureen, who told me about a discussion on the concept of wholeness, which took place in her Spiritual Directions class this week.  She didn't think it would be relevant to a decorating blog, just something to mull over.  This is my take on the idea she shared...and my rather ingenious method of getting it into tonight's blog. :)))   I do love a challenge, and I needed a fresh quote on the kitchen chalkboard!

So there you have it, my blog post pieced together of all the little bits and parts of my week.  I hope if your week didn't go exactly as planned, hindsight gives you the satisfaction of realizing you still accomplished more than you may have given yourself credit for.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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