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Ornamental Plaster Sculpting, Mural Painting, Faux Finishing, and Imaginative Interior Design.
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Monday, December 13, 2010

You thought tea was for sissies?

The Keystone Women's Circle "Mom and Me Holiday Tea" was a rousing success... according to the three kids who came.  The six adults who accompanied them seemed to enjoy it, too.  These hearty folks came out in a blizzard rated as the fifth heaviest single-day snowfall here in recorded history.
Carter brought his great aunt and great uncle.  We think they're pretty great, too.

Emma and Brady brought Mom, Dad, Grandma and Uncle.  Sorry about the blurry picture.  I was probably laughing at Emma's cuteness, which we were informed we aren't
supposed to laugh at. 
We had tea and cider, served in real tea cups, pumpkin tartlets, cucumber sandwiches, cookies, and three kids of cake.  All three of the kids really got into the teacup thing, and about ten minutes in, Brady announced loudly that he sure was glad they came.  Us too.  Cucumber sandwiches are tasty, but Sarah and I needed help finishing the whole plate.

Mrs. Claus was stuck in Jordan, seven miles away, so I read the stories.  I was going to wear the Mrs. Claus outfit, but I forgot to try it on the day before, and it didn't quite work without stockings and the proper undergarments.   Somehow, I didn't think the rolled up pant legs and sweat socks very convincing.  The kids, who had all walked there, were perfectly understanding of Mrs. Claus' inability to drive in the storm. 

We started off with The Grinch, of course, moved on to Bernstein Bears, and then debuted Cathy Isles book, Faces.  There are lots of interactive questions in it, so story time lasted a good long while.  I haven't read to kids in about twenty-two years, and had forgotten how much fun it can be.  To finish it off, Carter read a book to me, which hasn't happened in waaaay more than twenty-two years!

The whole thing was fun.  Not having kids of my own, Christmas can be a little flat some years, but I have to tell you, if nothing else happens this year, Saturday morning with these three precious gifts will have been enough.  It was seriously that perfect. 

Good thing, because this is what awaited me outside...

Because the light is so flat, you can't see the two foot snowdrift behind my van.  I had to shovel out to leave, and still had to have a few people push.  A minute later, I arrived home to find my driveway of course drifted in with the same two feet of snow, and as I didn't dare park on the street, I got to shovel that, too.  It continued to snow a little longer, and to blow all night, so everything shoveled on Saturday had to be re-shoveled on Sunday.  Talk about a workout!

Belle finally got some attention on Sunday.  I'm nearly done replacing the damaged powder room floor, and the leaky toilet that did the deed.  This has been one of those "absolute priorities" for over a year, but has been easy to avoid as there isn't exactly a line for the upstairs bathroom.  Garden Club meets here tomorrow night, so I suppose it's time to get it done.  The new floor is in, and I picked up flange bolts this afternoon, so should be able to install the toilet yet tonight.  It will be functional, though it won't be photogenic for awhile, so don't hold your breath. 

I'll be off to it, then, but I'll be back on Wednesday.  Stay toasty!  

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