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Ornamental Plaster Sculpting, Mural Painting, Faux Finishing, and Imaginative Interior Design.
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Inspiration: Nancye Williams

The Third Thursday Artgroup met here at my house yesterday.  Yes, we own calendars (and yes, we know today is Wednesday), but being creative souls, we are flexible when the need arises, as it did this month.  This was the fourth of five events I hosted in the last six days, here at Belle Ami, and I had such fun making gifts of honey-toffee (which tastes wonderful and will be perfectly edible if everyone just follows my directions to pound it with a hammer and sprinkle it on ice cream), baking quiche, and showing the house to members who hadn't been here before.  I had so much fun in fact, that I entirely forgot to take pictures. 

Ha!  But being one of those aforementioned creative souls, I am flexible when the need arises!  Also, I have photos of the gathering last month, and someone really precious I've been meaning to share with you.

This is Nancye.  Isn't she cute?  So's her house.  So's lots of her artwork, except the stuff that's not supposed to be cute.

I have hanging candles like these, scattered around my house, but I really like the way these look grouped together, hanging between Nancye's kitchen and living room, like a lighted divider.  I think it's time to put some new holes in my ceiling.

I wasn't surprised yesterday when Nancye liked the crazy quilted ceiling in my art room (haven't seen it? click here:  inspiration: Robin Brown Magnolia Pearl), since it's not much different than this chair.  We even used the same sneaky cheat:  Fabri-Tac fabric glue!  Really.  Nancy just glued the patches and trims right over the existing upholstery.  She says it's held up beautifully, and besides, if an edge lifts, she can just stick it down.  If you want instant results, or if you have projects that won't get done while waiting for the time to do them perfectly, loosen up and grab the glue!

After I ditz my piano bench like Nancye's chair, I'm gonna make some of these bottles.  I love collage and altered art, but I do so little of it.  Next play day, this is my project.  Hmm.  I'm done with work for the day as soon as I finish this post...wonder how fast I can type...

Now, Nancye does lots of different styles of art, so don't go wandering off to some other blog if the first few pictures below don't appeal to you.  Besides, Nancye sells her work, and you probably have friends for whom you need the perfect gift, whose taste is entirely different than yours, so you just stay right here and read the whole thing, and look at all the pictures.  All those other blogs will still be there when you're done, including Nancye's, which can be found at nancyesartandbeautifuljunk.blogspot.com  (and you thought my blog name was long!).

Nancye Williams has been doing a lot of stuffies, lately.  Some are in this grunge style, some are more vintage inspired.

She also does folk art style pieces, and offers a class so you can learn to make them, too!

This is the doll style that many associate most with Nancye Williams.

I really love the sweet innocence of this one!

If realism is more your thing when it comes to sweet innocence, Nancye Williams can do that, too!
Polymer clay in the hands of a master...
Enough cute?  Okay, now check out her collage and altered art and painting...

When I get done altering bottles and gluing bits of old tat on my piano bench, I'm gonna have to make some of these.  Better yet, I think Nancy said she wants to paint her walls, so maybe I can just trade my labor for some of her artwork!  That would be more fun for me to look at on my own wall, though I still might try making one of the collages.

Don't you just love the way Nancye Williams plays with color and texture? 

Nancye Williams, the art and the artist... nancyesartandbeautifuljunk.blogspot.com
There.  Done.  Blogged in record time (for a post that didn't just say posting postponed).  Now, while you go off to Nancye's blog and read that, then check out the link to her website, and get all inspired to make something, or to buy something beautifully made by Nancye, I'm going down to my art room to play with paper and glue and old glass bottles.  Something tells me I'll be up a little late tonight!

When I'm not hanging out with my fabulously creative friends, or hosting holiday home tours, I do actually work at creating beautiful and personal environments in other people's homes.  Wanna be next?  Check out my website, which showcases my portfolio, and all the info on how to hire me:  theartofthehome.com.

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