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Ornamental Plaster Sculpting, Mural Painting, Faux Finishing, and Imaginative Interior Design.
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Monday, August 19, 2013

In Tandem: Cynthia Tinapple and Blair Davis

Cynthia Tinapple and Blair Davis
As you may have noticed, there's been a lot written on this blog lately about polymer clay and polymer clay artists.  Among the classmates I've introduced you to in the last few posts, many are polymer clay artists, and even those who aren't do dabble, when the need arises.  If you are at all curious about this versatile medium, the artists who work with it, or the range of fabulous jewelry and art that these artists make from it, then you really only need to know one name:  

Cynthia Tinapple.  
Cynthia shares her idea collector book during show and tell.

Cynthia curates the blog about what's new and interesting in polymer clay.  Polymer Clay Daily brings to the public eye the creations of the best and brightest polymer stars, as well as amazing artists tucked in far off corners of the world that most of us would never come across on our own.  On her blog and in her personal life, Cynthia is deeply interested in others, and in other cultures, and has traveled many places, including Nepal and a charity she has close ties to there, Sammunat.  This organization helps women who are facing domestic abuse find both safety and financial independence.  If you click that link,  you'll find many beautiful items made by these Nepalese women, including wonderful polymer beaded jewelry.
Cynthia, always the enthusiast, admires Nona's floral scarf.  Her own creation is in her hand, a lovely geometric in gorgeous shades of  fresh mossy greens, apricot, and plum.  

Cynthia  made this trip to France with her husband, Blair Davis.  He didn't take the class (Dayle Doroshow's Capturing Ancient France, mixed media journaling, at La Cascade), but joined us on our excursions, though not in our on-the-road renditions of the Best of Broadway.  He may not belt out show tunes, but Blair does have both a practical manner, and creative flair, not to mention plenty of height to reach the top shelves in any store, so all that combined with a kind nature made him perfectly appreciated in the gaggle of girls.  
Cynthia leading the way off of the mountainside, while Blair suggests alternate routes?  No idea actually what we were looking at, but isn't this setting just behind La Cascade lovely?  
Lucky for me, Blair also happens to have sharp eyes, and spotted Lucie (the mouse who was my travelling companion -- top of the column on the right, if you have no idea who I'm talking about) on the floor of the fabric shop we were visiting one afternoon, and thus rescued me from certain heartbreak.  I have to admit that when I think of this, I do wonder if he was reminded of parenting youngsters who insisted on dragging their most favorite toys everywhere, despite the enormous risk to family tranquility, should they be lost.  Surely my own father can't be the only kind soul to ever have backtracked forty miles for a forgotten stuffed animal?  Ummm, yeah, this wasn't the first time...not even the second.  Thanks, Blair.  It wouldn't have been pretty.

The next village over from Durfort is Soreze, and that's where we found these charming wood cut-outs, and the posters explaining them...

Cynthia took one of these as her inspiration for her dashing cadet...
Cadet doll by Cynthia Tinapple.
 If you haven't already done so and returned, do take a moment to pop on over to Cynthia's blog.  Many artists I know do this almost every day, for a little refresher in the midst of the business of art.  Even if you're just an admirer of the creations of others, you'll appreciate the careful curating Cynthia has done for you.

Cynthia is either admiring the waterfalls, or checking Blair's progress on a gardening project he undertook while we played with clay.

I recently came to realize that this summer's trip was, for me, the manifestation of a childhood wish to go away to summer camp.  My time in France, boarding for a week with a whole group of gals (okay, plus Blair), was everything I could have wanted: new friends in a new place, far from my boring small town life (which, as an adult, I actually choose), with fun activities, and dessert twice a day.  Oh, speaking of dessert, there is one more person to share with you.  Come on back Friday morning and meet Nese, our chef.  I'll see what recipes I can wheedle out of her, (or snag from her facebook page) before then.

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