Ornamental Plaster Sculpting, Mural Painting, Faux Finishing, and Imaginative Interior Design.

Ornamental Plaster Sculpting, Mural Painting, Faux Finishing, and Imaginative Interior Design.
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Monday, April 8, 2013

Breathe or crack up? Hmmm...maybe both? But in a good way.

B  R e A T H e.  (Close-up from a mixed media fireplace I did a few years ago)
I had a weird day last Friday.  As I lay contemplating the quiet of 4 a.m. in a very small town, I suddenly heard the terrifying sound of the city street sweeper, out for the first cleaning of the year.  Why terrifying?  Because the city tows anyone left on the street before the sweeper comes around, and I had forgotten to move my van, which I parked on the street days earlier, to avoid my icy driveway.  Luckily, the tow truck driver took pity on me, and chose to ring my doorbell.  Unluckily for him, the doorbell doesn't work, so I didn't know he was behind the storm door when I flung it open and came flying out (without keys and in my pajamas). 

He survived the battering, I moved the van, and after an adrenaline-crash nap, I got on with my day, which was weirdly up and down.  Morning pages and prayers were soothing, insightful and inspiring, but I still sent one email three times and still didn't get it there with attachments (which I found out long after I left the house); I cheerfully and boldly gave two spur of the moment presentations of the bookazine, and afterward realized I had not once introduced myself or explained who I was; and I remembered to stop at the grocery store, but despite my sunny, optimistic demeanor, forgot to get the item I stopped for, and had to go back. Optimism sometimes has limits.  Aaaargh! 

Finally, having mucked up everything, and not daring to actually work on the day's mural project in the few remaining hours, I went and parked next to a lake, read through some research books I had picked up at the library, and worked on some writing projects instead.  Safe work, safely isolated from innocent bystanders.  When I arrived home, there was an email from Cat, my partner in 365 Being, that said "Breathe."  Oh, yeah.  Too bad I don't remotely check email during the day. 

The email made me think of the Breathe mosaic (click here to see full fireplace), which made me think maybe it's time for a mosaic post.  I don't get to play with this addictive process very often, so the only thing I've done since last summer's garden stake toppers (click here to see mosaic garden ornaments) is this mail box.  I'm still waiting for the ground to thaw enough to install a new post for it, but here's a shot of it on the work table.

Usually I arrange patterned china in pretty rhythms.  On this piece, I nipped solid china, most of it textured or embossed, to create flowers for the rabbit's garden.  This was inspired by some of the work by artist/designer Kaffe Fassett (Kaffefassett.com), who is one of my absolute fav's when it comes to abundant juicy color and layered pattern.  His website, mostly full of his fabrics and needlework designs, doesn't show very much mosaic work, but he has a book on mosaic and several others you might want to check out.
If you are into chipped china mosaic more like the Breathe piece, check out vintagedragonfly.com.  I came across her on facebook a week or two ago, and she does lots of mosaic, plus other crustily embellished creations that fans of layers of sparkle will love.

Some days you can get back on track with some deep breaths and a little spiritual chiropractic. Others are just wonky, and the best you can do is to know they will be funny in retrospect.  I hope your week is full of fabulous days, but if not, don't forget to BReATHe!


Mary Korbulic said...

I'm not so crafty but used to draw and paint and have thought often about mosaic. So i have been collecting mosaic material. Thanks for the inspiration!

Dawn-Marie deLara, Artist in Wonderland said...

You're welcome, Mary! It's a fun process, and pretty much impossible to muck up for even the least crafty, so don't hesitate to dive in. Sounds like you're ready!