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Ornamental Plaster Sculpting, Mural Painting, Faux Finishing, and Imaginative Interior Design.
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Monday, March 4, 2013

Friday night highlights

The doll I wish I had made
How was your weekend? If you're tired of the same old thing, and you live anywhere near  Minneapolis, you might want to come hang out at Maureen Carlson's open studio, in Jordan, on Friday evenings. There's often a mini-class for under $20, or you can just bring your own project to work on. There's also a themed potluck, like burrito bar, or baked potato bar, so if you plan to come and want to share dinner, check in with Maureen or Renee to see what the dish of the week is. Contact info is on the website: Maureencarlson.com. 

Maureen doesn't just tell you how to make a hand, she shows you how to notice the details in a hand.  Renee, Faith, Kit and Barb are intent on finger lengths, here.
This last Friday, I took my artgirl, Faithie with me, since I knew she would like the mini-project, which was a little leprechaun figure.  Of course, I just let her take the wee one home, without getting a photo, so I can't show you how sweet it turned out.  She had a good time, and kept me out way past my bedtime.
One of Beth Wegener's passions is pattern.  I love her layers of it!
Beth Wegener came and brought a doll she started in one of Maureen's Dolls on the Wall classes.  Sculpting the clothing took a lot longer than could be done that weekend, so she finished it at home, and brought it back to show Maureen and the rest of us.  Needless to say, we were awestruck!

Polymer clay doll by Beth Wegener

I took this class a different year, and also ran out of time to do the clothes, but opted to just add a few snips of fabric. Since my doll is surprisingly similar in style and pose, it's easy to see how charming she could be with about a hundred more hours invested. Since it's perfectly possible to add on to baked polymer clay sculptures, someday, when I'm in the mood for a super-detailed project, I just might do it. For now, I'll just enjoy Beth's fabulous millifiori patterns and sweet dressmaker details.

Lots of new classes coming up at Maureen's, and even one this fall with her and two other teachers on a cruise ship!  Maureencarlson.com.

Oh, and 365 update, as promised:  ummmm...check back Thursday?  I'd love to tell you that delivery to the printer was delayed by today's snow storm, but in truth I was relieved at not being able to safely get it on up the highway, since it isn't quiiiite ready to go, anyway.  Soon.  I think.

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Edie said...

Beth! I remember you from CFCF several years ago. Your doll is beyond amazing!

Edie from NC