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Ornamental Plaster Sculpting, Mural Painting, Faux Finishing, and Imaginative Interior Design.
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Monday, July 9, 2012

Don't Fence Me In

When the trail is unbroken, and the map uncharted, just ask yourself, "What would Snicker doodle?"
Yesterday, I was Tenacity Jane.  Brave pioneer who (just about) never gives up.

Today, I received the title of "Boss of Everything, a.k.a.  Little Miss Bossy Pants".

Little.  Ha.

Actually, I think my older brothers gave me that title years ago.  Good thing it came from someone who loves me... then and now.

Why, yes, thank you, I'll take two of those.  "Abundance is mine", sayeth Little Miss Bossy Pants.  That's Missy Sunshine, to you, Bro.

The magazine, 365 Being is coming along beautifully, and so beautifully in fact that it is now a "bookazine".  Actually, it probably always was, but it took us a bit to notice that while it is a quarterly publication, the style and content bring it right up to book quality.  Right now, bringing the publishing costs right down in line with the cover price is our biggest challenge, as we steadfastly refuse to have advertising. 

We're not doing anything like big important journalism here, but when we write about a product we like, we want our readers to know that nobody gave us money to say it.  We want to write what we believe in, without worrying that our ideas about making and doing and being, rather than shopping and buying and conforming, will aggravate a sponsor, whose money would be paying our salaries.  We want to create a beautiful bit of printed deliciousness, for you to savor, uninterrupted by chattering monkeys, wanting to pick your pockets.  I've been informed this is not realistic.

No, thanks, I'm not fond of "reality".  "Reality" has more than once said I couldn't have her, couldn't keep her, couldn't hope to afford her.  This is Belle Amie, and there's not much in her history that plays by reality's rule book.
So, no, when well-meaning folks say we need to face reality, I do NOT take their advice.  In fact, I dig my heels in all the harder.  There is not one thing in my life that I got by facing reality.  The closest I ever come to facing reality is to spot "reality" storming toward me, at which point, I turn to Divinity and say, "I don't much care for the looks of this one.  You wanna handle it?"  Sometimes, Divinity pulls the mask off of "reality" and exposes it for the imaginary being that it is. Sometimes, Divinity kicks "reality's" bullying ass right back offa my doorstep, and sometimes Divinity just plucks me right out of the path of "reality", and sets me down someplace totally unexpected.  Every time, Divinity holds up a bottomless jar of  alternate realities, and says, "Choose one."

When bulls fly...
I'm not uninformed, ignorant, nor inexperienced.  I am not unaware of what most people perceive as reality, nor the fact that they are living that truth.  But reality is an individual experience.  I'm all done living other people's limitations.  I have the blessing of having been born in a country that was founded on the very expectation of a better reality, by people who took far bigger risks than I will ever need to, to create a climate in which all things are possible, and the biggest barriers are removed.  Given this, I think "facing reality" is downright unpatriotic.

I know for a fact that I get what I expect to get, which is not always the same as getting what I want.  Sometimes I forget to expect what I want, or I just forget what I want, and I get what I'm worrying about, instead.  I know for a fact that I get what I have the capacity to allow in, and I am continually learning to expand that capacity.
I get what I believe in:
   I believe in Joy. 
      I believe in Grace. 
         I believe in Miracles.

This means that I believe in saying "Yes, thank you!" to a bigger reality than I or anyone can possibly imagine for me. 

If it's not your reality, and not a reality you want, that's okay, just don't drop your horse biscuit reality on my path, cause I'm Tenacity Jane, and I'm wearing my biscuit kickers, and my shiny silver star that says "Boss of Everything".  Or maybe it just says "Little Miss Bossy Pants."  It's kinda hard to read upside down, riding full speed ahead.  Hope to see y'all along the trail!

When I''m not on my bandwagon, inviting y'all to my reality, I paint some purdy nice walls.  And in your home, you're the boss of everything.  You pick it, and I'll paint it.  If you want help choosing a new look, I'll be happy to oblige.  Check out the website, theartofthehome.com.  (...and if it's your first time here, don't worry, I only go all cowgirl every once in a blue moon.)

Comments or questions are always welcome.  You can leave them below, or email me at Dawnmariedelara@gmail.com.

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