Ornamental Plaster Sculpting, Mural Painting, Faux Finishing, and Imaginative Interior Design.

Ornamental Plaster Sculpting, Mural Painting, Faux Finishing, and Imaginative Interior Design.
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Last one in is a ...

Starting a new project this week.  Finally.  A month later than expected, though I didn't really expect to start on time.  It's the problem with being a decorator, when dealing with a remodel or new construction (this one's a rebuild after a house fire).  I'm always the last one in, and I'm about the only one who gives set quotes, so this means that by the time everyone is out of my way, months later than they promised, their extra months have pretty much eaten my budget.  Grrr. 

It looked less daunting when I bid it...

The other guys are still there, on this one, though thanks to a kick-butt homeowner, they're staying out of my way.  They don't seem happy to see me, but I'm killin 'em with kindness.  No proper cause to be rude to me, when I don't bitch about the not-done base-coat, but just grab a roller and do it myself, and they can't grouch about my scaffolding in their way, 'cause I gave 'em permission to use it to stain the way-high window trim when I'm not on it.  You just can't be mad at "Missy Sunshine", can you boys?  (Thanks for lessons in sugar-coating, Mama, and for having me last, so I had big brothers to practice on!)
The hardest part was positioning and transferring the pattern, in quarters, upside down, without a helper.  To give him credit, the general contractor did offer to help hold it in place, when I was on the last quadrant. 
Now, truth told, I'm not sure I'm totally sad they ate the budget for faux finishing the 17 foot high foyer.  Even shrinking the dining room ceiling medallion, which was originally going to cover the entire ceiling, I'm not totally sad about.  It would have been very cool, but as it is, it's still going to be really "wow" at six by eight feet (maybe 8x10), and my neck is really glad it's no bigger.  My neck is also really glad that tomorrow is Friday, so after finishing the colors, there will be a three day break before I go back to glaze that ceiling! 

In fact, my neck is also pleased to know that Cindy Faus Heimerl, owner of Rubies & Rust Wedding Barn, and retired massage therapist, emailed that she's coming to see me tomorrow.  You might want to save April 29th, as she's having an open house to show off Rubies & Rust's new improvements, including a charming addition to an upstairs corner.  Click the photo at the top of the column on the right to get a peek at how gorgeous it already was last year!

After wrestling the pattern and finally getting it transferred, I painted it first in umber, then started adding color over this.  An umber undercoat helps the colors look older, mellower.  I'm using both regular and metallic paints, which looks pretty in person, but isn't posing nicely for it's photos.

If you live in Minnesota, Saturday is a big day out my way.  Belle Plaine's founders were mainly German and Irish, the fancy French name being a marketing ploy (probably dreamed up by the daddy of the man who built my house), and Saturday the Irish descendants get their green on.  There is a March of the Clans from the Catholic church to (theoretically) my house, though it goes through the bar district, so no one ever rounds the last corner anymore.  Since most people watching the march stand in front of the bars, it's more a herd of surging humanity than a march, but the bagpipers bravely play on.  Since we are forecasted for around seventy degrees, I'm bettin' the pipers'll be wearin' their kilts this year...oh yeah!

I thought I would get into it more this year, and design a t-shirt with my clan tartan, and the words:  "It's great to be Irish...if you aren't lucky enough to be Scottish!"  I'm sure I'll be perfectly safe, if I get back home before the serious drinkers catch sight of it!  Tune in Monday for photos of men in plaid, and other fine fun, Thursday for shots of this project finished and glazed.

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