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Ornamental Plaster Sculpting, Mural Painting, Faux Finishing, and Imaginative Interior Design.
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Hats off to the girls!

Mondays are my favorite days, now.  Not only do I get to teach art  classes to two or three 7-9 year old girls, I get to meet with an amazing bunch of female business owners, The Keystone Women's Circle.  Keystone was formed when a few of us noticed that most of the non-bar businesses left in downtown Belle Plaine were owned by women, and yet we had little voice in the Chamber of Commerce.  We meet once a week to share our business plans and dreams, personal goals, frustrations, and successes. 

The energy is amazing.  My friend Cindy joined us for the first time last week, and by the end of the meeting had firmed up her resolution to turn a rental property she has into a place for weddings and other gatherings, and got most of the group to commit to helping her prep for an open house she intends to have five days after her current tenants move out.  Cindy could probably pull this off single-handed, but with the energy of this group, there's no doubt.  Today while we started the meeting, we folded her brochures, which went into gift bags at a local event tonight...state your wish and be prepared to ride a wave of enthusiasm from this group!

Today was hat day for Cat Isles, pictured below.  Cat has a greeting card company, bridgingtheuniverse.com, as well as a children's book coming out in January, and a series of stories about a family of adventurous foxes that is meeting it's publisher next Thursday.  She announced last week that she thought she would like to be a woman who wears hats, so those of us who already do wore ours today, in support, and brought her some to start her collection.  It's that kind of group.  Every dream or idea is a worthy one.
There are lots more in the group, and you can meet most of them on the Keystone blog, keystonewomenscircle.blogspot.com.  I'll keep you posted on all the gals ventures as things progress.  For now, save December 5th to attend Cindy's open house at "Marions Place".

Meanwhile back at the studio, I had two Art Girls today.  Faith starts my Mondays, as she homeschools, and can come in the morning.  She nearly always has a stuffed toy with her in her apron pocket, and today it was a crowd of hamsters, thus...Still Life With Hamsters:

Once finished with the drawing, Faith spent the rest of her class painting a recycled frame in her older brother's favorite colors, as the hamsters are shown drawing a card congratulating him on the birth of his new baby.  Now he has art for the baby's walls, painted by the proud Aunt Faithie.

Kadence comes after the Keystone meeting, when school lets out.  When she appeared with a stuffed squirrel in her pocket, I figured we may as well follow Faith's lead...curriculum?  What curriculum?  So, I give you...Still Life with Squirrel:
I also wanted to share Kadence's fairy house creation today, which she finished while my computer was down.  It actually turned into a house for "zoobles", little toy anime-style creatures that pop out of spheres.  She created amazing details, using all kinds of things from the treasure drawer in the studio. 
This spacious property comes with swing, slide and swimming pool.

I never worry about copying.  Artists are constantly inspired by each other, but as shown in the drawings above, and should you scroll back a ways and see Faiths fairy castle, which inspired Kadence's zooble habitat, creative souls can't be content with copying.  It's fun to watch them all start at the same point and branch off in their own directions.  Makes Mondays the best day of the week!

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