Ornamental Plaster Sculpting, Mural Painting, Faux Finishing, and Imaginative Interior Design.

Ornamental Plaster Sculpting, Mural Painting, Faux Finishing, and Imaginative Interior Design.
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Third? Fourth? Who's counting?

The Third Thursday Art Group met today.  Yes, we know it's the fourth Thursday, but the third one snuck in so early, all but Melody forgot.  Meet some of the members :

Cindy Heimerl, our ring leader, and birthday girl this week, paints abstract acrylics, sculpts bits of jewelry and other findings into masterpieces, and blank spaces into unique environments.  Owner of The Bohemian Barn, a semi-private party spot, for coffee socials, improv nights, and Glamour Camping (think fluffy antique beds beneath the arching rafters, lit by chandeliers...pure magic just for the girls).  On improv nights, you might meet her alter ego, Ruby LeFey, whose stories will make you laugh so hard you blow wine out your nose...not that I ever do anything so undignified.

This is Donna Faus, Cindy's mom.  I was so glad to see her at our meeting today, as she doesn't always make it.  She paints in watercolor, and gives great "mom hugs".   You know what I mean...you just know you're getting mama love, even if she doesn't say a thing. 

Melody Villars is primarily a sculptor in clay, though she paints, crafts, and makes the most exquisite collage cards.  See her work at melodyvillars.com.

Marci Halfmann loves all that glitters.  She makes crazy fun necklaces, which I affectionately call my magpie jewelry.  Surprisingly, none of us wore one today, though usually nearly all of us have on a Marci creation.  Anyway, Marci buys all her materials out of pocket, then donates every penny of her proceeds to Oasis, a parrot rescue organization.  She's always in pigtails, and full of giggles and the bawdiest jokes.

And yes, here's me.  Not nice to put all your girlfriends snapshots up and not brave one of your own.  Didn't recognize me in mascara and clean clothes, did you?

And what of job photos?

Promises, promises.  I can't seem to keep a one this week.  Last week, I promised to have pics of the marbled and plastered master bedroom I was working on, but half way through the Valley of the Jolly Green Giant on Sunday, I realized I had the camera case, but no camera, and no time to circle back home to grab it.  I'll pop back down there for photos after their new flooring is in and the furniture replaced. 

Next, I promised to have photos of Belle's new porch paint up here, and I thought I would complete that today, but due to uncooperative weather, I now have a lot of  soggy, freshly scraped bare wood, which will have to dry before I can finish the paint.  Perhaps next week...

And last, but not least, and on a respectfully serious note, I promised to be a Quinche til death, but after 15 years, I give up on keeping that promise, too.  Some of you won't be surprised to hear this.  To others, I apologize for not saying anything in person.   It's just a case of "oil and water" (candles and curtains?), and not the cheeriest of subjects on the job, so I've kept it low key.  The legalities, along with the name change, are in the works, but don't be surprised if you spot deLara cropping up on some things.  For those of you who would offer your prayers, please hold Wilson in them, as well.  I can't regret a day of my life, not even the hardest ones, as they've led me to today, and to knowing all of you.  

Endings and beginnings...blank pages, fresh pencils, new chapters...next week. 

For some sunnier news, check out our parade photos on keystonewomenscircle.blogspot.com.

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