Ornamental Plaster Sculpting, Mural Painting, Faux Finishing, and Imaginative Interior Design.

Ornamental Plaster Sculpting, Mural Painting, Faux Finishing, and Imaginative Interior Design.
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Friday, June 4, 2010

Be careful what you ask for

Have you ever asked for a sign from the Divine, and gotten a billboard of an answer?  This actually happens to me fairly often, but I think the Universe is getting a good laugh this week. 
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(Just painted this one)

If you are a former sign writer, and wish to stay that way, I suggest you not ask for signs from God.  I just wanted a little hint that a project I have in the works is going to actually one day pay off.  "Could I please", I very specifically asked, "have a clear sign that this idea of mine will make money?" 

Um...got it. 

I am pleased to be busy, and I do enjoy lettering, but it's a bit like the pop machine that just keeps spitting out cans of cola.  Pretty much any order this past week that hasn't been a sign, and there have been ten of those, has at least included lettering.  Even my volunteer projects this week were signs.  Considering the fact that I have not been a commercial sign painter for many, many years, it's a little extraordinary to keep answering the door to people asking for them. 
Call it coincidence, if you like, but I know better than to ask for guidance and then ignore the answer.
These pictures are of last week's work.  Some Art Nouveau lettering with a Celtic flavor, and details from the same era in the adjoining kitchen.  I am grateful for everything, even the sign orders.  Especially the sign orders, though I do look forward to next week's sculpted plaster projects...nary a word involved!
As for progress on my own house this week, nothing photogenic to show off.  Some design sketches that may amount to something, a little primer, a little varnish...oh, and a great table I found on craigslist.org, which I have been searching for at an affordable price, since choosing to buy this house.  Seriously, I had a picture of the table (Jacobean Revival, popular from the turn of the century through the thirties in this part of the country), and was looking for the kind of house it would go in.   Found the house five years ago, found the table (for a song!)  five days ago...I'll show it on here one of these weeks.  An extra special thank you to Cathy Isles for her patronage, her joyful encouragement of big dreams, and the tip that paid for the table!


Anonymous said...

so very happy that you love that table....I would have been heart broken if it had goneto someone you didn't love it as much as if not more than I did!! I hope it brings you great joy!

Dawn-Marie deLara, Artist in Wonderland said...

The table is awaiting space in the dining room, still. This week the space has been converted to "Belle's Sign Shop" and is full of sign panels in various stages of completion...just one of the joys/hazards of working from home! Thanks again for the great cl deal!