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Ornamental Plaster Sculpting, Mural Painting, Faux Finishing, and Imaginative Interior Design.
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Monday, December 10, 2012

Presto Change-o!

Normally, I love decorating for Christmas so much that I carefully plan out an elaborate theme for my front porch and entry (though I never complete all the details I dream up), plus a few more designs for other rooms in the house.  I don't usually buy much of anything new, just remix the ornaments from previous years, with silk flowers, feathers, colored glass dishes, plus whatever salvage treasures and fabric remnants are needed to carry the theme.  I can go for Baroque, or keep it simple country cute, or just about anything in-between.  This year though, I'm really dragging my feet, and feeling a serious lack of enthusiasm.

So far, I've got my very natural tree in the foyer, with a coordinating banister garland, and I'm just sorta stuck there.  Part of the problem is that I have a lot of orangey-red on my front porch, and I don't want to spend the time to completely change it, even though I'm not in an orangey-red mood.  On the other hand, I'm hosting a holiday gathering tomorrow night, so it's time to do something, mood or not.

Autumn welcome.  Guess it's
about time for a change.
Pull out the dried stuff, pop in some evergreens and a branch of tiny glittered faux oranges, and presto!
For today, I did manage to take the autumn rusty chunk wreath and restyle it for Christmas, and am feeling a bit better.  It was quick, simple, and I think it bounced me out of my rut.  People ask me how I come up with all my ideas, seeming to expect me to say I tap into a magic well of creative possibilities.  Yes, the well is always there, but more often than not, the great Christmas ideas overflow in March, and about now, I am bubbling with new garden layouts. Honestly, it's often more about pushing through the seeming lack of ideas, and making myself start with what I have, be it a file of magazine clippings or an orangey-red color scheme.

Being an artist isn't a magic genetic gift.  It's choosing to show up on the uninspired days to take the next small step.  That's why I restyled the wreath.  I knew it had no possibility of becoming complicated and pitching me back into the throes of procrastination.  I think it even got me moving, which was what I pretty much expected. 

I scored this dresser at a yard sale, specifically to tuck into this spot and block the wind that roars through here, sending anything small flying out into the yard.  The trunk will have to do its best for awhile.
It's very cold and very dark out there now (I belatedly discovered what else was on the old kitchen circuit that I disconnected when I installed a new light Saturday morning, so guess I'll be playing electrician with the porch light next), but tomorrow morning I'll swap the trunk with the orangey-red dresser from the end of the porch, to get some color by the door.  If I can't lose it for the season, I may as well feature it.  Hmm...now where is that orange and gold ribbon from a couple of years ago?  And what if I bring the other tall spindly tree, which Bernie-the-woodsman brought me, up onto the porch, and do a sort of
s t r e t c h e d   o u t
Yup, now I'm getting in the mood.  Time to go dig in the dungeon and see what's in my dragon's hoard of treasures!  Another artist thing:  when inspiration strikes, grab on and go!  I'll show you a shot Thursday of the whole porch.

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