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Ornamental Plaster Sculpting, Mural Painting, Faux Finishing, and Imaginative Interior Design.
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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Merry Pranksters Indeed!

So, did you celebrate May Day?  I had planned to bring back my childhood tradition of delivering May baskets, but it's a good thing I had intended to use bedding plants instead of my traditional dandelion and Johnny jump-ups bouquets, because this is what our weather looked like here...

May Day Farmer's Market Opener.  The May showers were a little more, um, solid than usual.

I didn't get a chance to check out opening day of our local Farmer's Market, but since the market manager is Lisa Fahey, and since Lisa is also the photographer for the book I was supposed to be finishing illustrations for, I think I'm forgiven for not attending.  And yes, as of 5 o'clock this morning, after one last all-nighter, I did finish all 34 pages plus covers!  Wa-Hoo!!!  Can't show you the pages yet, but here's the aftermath of that party...

You know it was a great party when there are things hanging from the lamps and the floor is covered with confetti.  Two audio book mysteries, a full pot of coffee, and two kinds of paint and three kinds of glue...I am such a party animal.
 I did have to run a couple of errands up the highway yesterday, so I stopped at Pearson Greenhouse (pearsongreenhouse.com or scroll back a few weeks on this blog for some photos) to get some basil and violas to fill those May baskets.  I thought about asking for dandelions, but decided they don't know me well enough for that, yet. 

May basket with violas and purple basil.  Directions for these are in the spring issue of 365being.  365being.com

In proper May Day fashion, I left a basket for Cat on her door, rang and ran.  Sadly, I didn't get a fair test to see if I'm still fast enough at this.  She happened to be walking through the kitchen as I made my sneaky dash to her door, so she spotted me out the window.  Sigh.  In an apparent effort to show me how it's done, a pair of pink plastic flamingos appeared in my front yard a few hours later.  I'm sure I'd have caught her if I hadn't been so intently and virtuously focused on finishing her illustrations. 

Whatever your plans, here's wishing you sunshine and good friends to enjoy it with this weekend!

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